Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an “animephile”?

A. You! We describe being an “animephile” as a person who likes hentai or other sexy anime genres. If you like this website, you might just be considered an animephile.

Q. When is Animephile updated?

A. We try to update as often as we can, generally 2-3 times a week. Our goal is to have more content than any other hentai/yaoi site on the Internet.

Q. How do you defend Animephile and hentai/yaoi?

A. The hentai and yaoi series on this site are all fiction and cartoon characters. What might be “taboo” in the United States is more common in Japan where people read hentai magazines out in the public. We just feel it’s a form of fictional entertainment and it’s all in good fun. And remember, they’re just cartoon characters!

Q. Which direction do I read these images?

A. Generally you would read it from right to left. Since these manga images come from Japan, the speech bubbles go from right to left. However, sometimes the images are mirrored and you would read it like you would an American comic; from left to right. This situation doesn’t occur as often so try reading it from right to left to begin, and if it doesn’t make sense try from left to right.

Q. Why are some galleries censored? Do you intentionally do that?

A. The images are censored because that is how the original versions are. The images were originally censored in Japan, where for a long time it was illegal to publish images showing genitalia. Though that law is no longer in effect, some publishers still censor their images. At Animephile we want to post as much content as we can, and sometimes that includes images that are censored (but otherwise high quality.) If given a choice to show a censored or non-censored version, we will of course choose the non-censored versions.

Q. Where do you get your content?

A. We get our content from online fansubs. Fansubs are groups of dedicated people who scan, translate, and edit manga. Fansub groups do all that for free for the fans, and Animephile simply displays them. We encourage everyone to support to official releases by purchasing them if they’re available in your country.

Q. Why are some images higher quality than others?

A. Since we do not create the images ourselves, the quality varies. We want to post the highest quality images, but we sometimes have to just use what we can get. Almost all modern day Internet browsers come with built in zooms, so we suggest using that if the images are too difficult to read (CTRL and + or CTRL and Mousewheel Up does the trick!)

Q. What is the user rating?

A. The user rating is a simple way to get users’ opinions on a particular series and videos. We encourage everyone to vote because that way we get good feedback on the types of things you would like to see. It only takes a second and you never have to leave the page! To vote, simply mouse over the stars and click. 1 star being the worst, 5 being the best.

Q. An image or link is broken, can you fix it?

A. Please contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Q. Do you take recommendations on series to host?

A. Of course! Simply fill out the contact form and we will try to get the content that you request.

Q. Why are there banner ads on the galleries?

A. Because this site is free, we have to host ad banners in order to pay our server bills. The banners come from very good companies and don’t contain any malicious spyware or things of that nature.

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