Privacy Policy

You can feel confident about how we use the information you give us. We will not disclose your information to any third parties. We will only use your information to help us provide services to you. By using Animephile’s web site you accept our policy.

Do I have to give Animephile personal information?

The only instances you will be asked to submit personal information is if you’re sending us an email through our contact form or submitting a vote/rating.

What does Animephile do with my information?

If you submit an email to us through our contact form we will only use that information to send you a reply to your inquiry. When you submit a vote/rating, the information you provide is only used to ensure accurate ratings by limiting the amount you can vote.

What about Animephile’s server logs and polls?

The only information that is stored is your IP address. This information will not be used in any other way besides providing us with information such as if the user submits their answer to a poll they will not be permitted again to submit it until after a certain amount of time. IP addresses are simply used to enable our “user submitted information” to be more accurate (to discourage malicious use of our system).

What about links to other web sites?

We only link to websites that we feel will benefit the user.

Who should I contact?

If you have any concerns about the information we hold about you, or the way we use it, please contact us.

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